Load Bank Rentals


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Our experienced Load Bank team has years of experience designing, training and implementing electrical systems.


Many of today’s systems and power sources require periodic, planned load testing and/or commissioning services using load bank technology. Load Bank Solutions can provide load banks from 500kW to 5MW in both resistive and reactive product lines. We specialize in global load bank testing rentals that can test any system from 480 volt to 115 kV. These units are available single or multi-unit configurations. Our experienced power generation specialists can help you test, install and configure the right load banks for your specific needs, no matter what industry or application required.


LOAD BANK: 6.25 MVA Resistive / Reactive Load Banks (480 & 600 volt)
LOAD BANK: 3.3 MVA Resistive / Reactive Load Banks (480 & 600 volt)
LOAD BANK: 2500 kW Resistive Load Banks (480 & 600 volt)*
LOAD BANK: 1250 kW Resistive Load Banks (480& 600 volt)*
LOAD BANK: 500 kW Resistive Load Banks (480& 600 volt)*
CABLE: LV & MV cable
TRANSFORMERS: Call for Information on Full Selection of Transformer Rentals
SWITCHGEAR: Call for Full Selection of Switchgear Rentals
GENERATORS: Natural Gas & Diesel Generator Rentals

* Can be set up for Automatic Load Control

When you work with our experienced team of load bank specialists, we can help you ensure accurate performance, enhanced safety and improved reliability of your systems. With rental equipment and services available across resistive, reactive or capacitive methods, LBS can provide you with schedule and resource flexibility to keep your operations running efficiently and effectively.

More Experience in the Bank

load-bank-solutions.jpgOur dedicated teams will help you plan and achieve your testing requirements, on time and on budget. In addition, you’ll be working with the same quality experts with industry experience from start to finish – providing the optimal load testing and support plan for all of your power system testing needs throughout your initial project requirements and beyond.